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Today I give thanks….

“Every blessing you pour out I’ll, turn back to you…..”

211. Spending the weekend with one of our favorite couples, starting to shop for the people on our Christmas list! Such a fun weekend!

212. Our church family!! Such a wonderful group of people 🙂

213. Fresh fall air!

214. Days off with hubby and the kids! We may not do anything at all but stay home- so long as we spend it together!!

215. Hubby’s birthday and 30 candles! Those 30 candles represent some pretty eventful and successful years!! So proud of him!!

216. Celebrating hubby’s birthday with our wonderful friends enjoying cake ( fruit for me!) and lots of other treats!!!

217. An evening with another couple whom we dearly love including: dinner, church and some late cross-border shopping!!!

218. Answered prayers for a dear friend! So many things plaguing her at once- but she’s feeling better every day! So thankful for that!

219. Two beautiful kids that I just can’t get enough of! I am so blessed!!

220. For a lady that God has placed in my life that is such a great inspiration. She never complains. She never utters a negative word. She’s sweet. She’s kind. And she loves with her whole heart!!

221. For a Starbucks date with two of my favorite ladies!!! Tall pumpkin spice (skinny) latte- I’ve been soooo waiting for you!!

222. For will that I didn’t know I had in me while on this crazy diet!!…. And for friends that are going alongside of me and supporting me along the way!! Down 16.5 pounds to date!!! YAY!!

223. For a girls ministry vision that has captured a couple of our hearts and is very successfully being carried through!! Looking forward to the first night of our THIRD semester of “Girls Night Out!”

224. For games nights – finally – planned again!! 2 of our own babies and 1 of theirs may have set us off track for a couple of years but I’m back in the swing of things and am ready to compete!!!

225. In-laws upcoming visit! Really looking forward to having family here over thanksgiving!!!

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Blessings all mine…with 10,000 beside!!

There is always time to give a little gratitude! Even on the most miserable day all I need to do is step back and I’m reminded of how blessed I am!

“Blessings all mine…with 10,000 beside!!”

Great is HIS faithfulness 🙂

191. A day at cedar point going from ride to ride sharing laughs with some of my favorite people!

192. Wonderful friends who care for our children like family when hubby and I have appointments.

193. Trip home to Halifax!!

194. Holding new baby niece for the very first time! How tiny and sweet.

195. Ocean air! Absolutely nothing like it!!!

196. Baby dedication and special cake for the celebration!

197. Apple picking with the family!

198. Movie night with the sister- and the laughs that followed!

199. Babysitting new baby niece and little nephew! So much fun. SO much chaos!…. But, so much fun!!

200. A hairdresser for a Mama!

201. Special morning out with my Nanny! Visit to the place where she grew up- lots of stories and laughs. Trip to Peggy’s Cove and then lunch at the Sou’ Wester overlooking the beautiful ocean! Such a special time!!

202. Afternoon shopping with my Mama and little girl!

203. Visiting my other Nanny with my little girl, Dad and Mama! Tasting her crunchy peanut butter cookies and wishing once again I could bake like her! (You should taste her pie- oh my!)

204. Safe arrival home to Essex and being greeted by hubby and the cutest little man in the world!!

205. Bright pink gerbera daisies from hubs and sweet little man to welcome little girl and I home!

206. Little boy learning SO much! (he loves to read and has memorized his second book!!!)

207. Friends getting together after being away!! Always so much fun and always lots of laughs.

208. Welcome home email from a girl who always knows how to make me smile!

209. Putting together a surprise for a couple we absolutely adore.

210. “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow….”


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