Elf on the shelf 🙂 A new Christmas tradition for the Hill family!!

It’s always such an exciting time of year- Christmas! Celebrating the birth of our wonderful Lord and Saviour… The time set aside with family and friends… The songs, the music… The yummy food… It’s all great! What’s even better is sharing all of those things with your children! Starting traditions, making memories!

This year we have started a new family tradition! Elf on the shelf! 🙂

‘Fargo’ our Elf on the shelf has made his very first appearance in the Hill home and we can’t wait for the kids to discover him!! 🙂

Here is a little info on the tradition of “Elf on the Shelf” 🙂 Find out more at:

Have you ever wondered how Santa knows who is naughty and who is nice? The Elf on the Shelf®: A Christmas Tradition is the very special tool that helps Santa know who to put on the Naughty and Nice list. This interactive holiday hide-and-seek tradition is perfect for children and families of all ages.

The tradition begins when Santa sends his scout elves out to Elf Adoption Centers. Waiting for their families to bring them home, these patient elves hibernate until their family reads The Elf on the Shelf, gives their elf a very special name, and registers their adoption online. Once named, each scout elf will receive its Christmas magic and become a part of the family’s Christmas each and every year.

Excellent listeners and even better observers, these scout elves are the eyes and ears of Santa Claus. Although they cannot be touched, or else they may lose their magic, the elf will always listen and relay messages back to Santa. Taking in all the day-to-day activities around the house, no good deed goes unnoticed; these scout elves take their job seriously.

Each night, after the family goes to bed, the scout elf uses his magical Christmas powers to fly back to the North Pole. Once there, the elf will make his or her daily report to Santa and visit with elf friends where they will tell stories about their beloved families, play with the reindeer, and of course, sneak some of Mrs. Claus’ cookies!

Before the family awakes each morning, their special scout elf will fly back to their home from the North Pole. However, since these elves like to play games, don’t expect to find them in the same spot! While some like to hide in the freezer (probably because it reminds them of the North Pole) and others prefer to sit on the fireplace mantle or hang from the chandelier, these elves love to play hide-and-seek with their families.

On Christmas Eve, the scout elf will listen for Santa’s bell and then fly back to the North Pole until the next season, wishing every girl and each boy a Christmas of peace and a year full of joy. Join the tradition and adopt your own Elf on the Shelf now!


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Thankful, oh so thankul!!

It has been a long time since I continued on with my gratitude list! It’s about time I pick up where I left off….

281. A beautiful, warm, sunny and happy summer!

282. Family vacation!! Just 6 more days and we will start our journey east!!

283. Cake making fun!! I have been so busy with orders lately…I LOVE it!!!

284. Time with a friend who is visiting from away! Catching up, yummy cake, laughter and even a few tears!

285. A healthy,growing baby boy! He just melts my heart away. I seriously couldn’t be more proud of the joy that he is and has brought to our family!!!Image

286. My beautiful brown eyed, blond haired girl! Isn’t she something?! Her innocence and curiosity bless me every single day I have the priviledge of being her mother!!  Image

287. My blonde haired green eyed boy! Every day with him is a new adventure! An adventure I absoutely would not change for anything else in the whole wide world!  Image

288. Wisdom. I know whom I serve, and I will not sway from doing so. Nothing and no one will become a greater priority than God alone.

289. Laughter. It really IS good for the soul.

290. THIS beautiful family is MINE. Somedays I wonder what I ever did to deserve them….but I am so thankful every day that I can call them my own.Image

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Spencer’s first photoshoot!

Well, our little man was one month old yesterday! Hard to believe isn’t it?!

We had his newborn photos done yesterday as well by “Creative Edge Images” 🙂 A couple of them have already been edited so I thought that I would share them with you. She took a bunch, so I can’t wait to see the rest!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 



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Baby Spencer…


Just a quick update to say that baby Spencer is HOME and is doing well 🙂 Eating very well, and adjusting well to the increased volume of attention put forth by his very very excited big brother and big sister!!!

Thank you so much to everyone that has called, emailed, texted, facebooked, stopped by for a visit, sent flowers, brought flowers, brought food, gifts…etc, etc, etc!!! We are so so blessed to know SO many wonderful people! A VERY special thanks to my Mama who has been an overwhelming blessing to our family since she arrived a week ago! She goes home tomorrow and we will miss her for SURE!

I’ll update as I am able. 🙂 Three kids are keeping me much busier than I thought, lol!!!


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It’s a BOY!!

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a weekend but a wonderful one all the same!
Baby Spencer Nathan-Josiah has been added to the Hill roster and he is such a cutie!
He joined our clan on May 4, 2012 at 5:09 am, weighing 5lbs, 9oz and measured 18.5″ in length!
He had some prematurity issues after arrival and has been hanging out in his big sisters stomping grounds: the NICU, since delivery! (Born at 34 weeks)
He has however been making incredible progress and Mommy gets to sneak down this morning for kangaroo care 🙂

I’ll keep everyone updated!!
In the meantime, here are some pics!




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Giving Thanks (continued…)

There are always SO many reasons to be thankful- even when your world seems turned upside down.

271. For palmolive dish soap, upholtsry cleaner, toothpaste and windex– all remedies that work to remove the MANY marks from a black sharpie marker made by our partners-in-crime: Benjamin & Sophia. 

272. For friends that show their love in the most practical and thoughtful ways! We feel so blessed to know so many wonderful, caring people!

273. For spring cleaning and a husband who has so diligently taken on this task! He is doing an amazing job.

274. For praying friends.

275. For great dr’s reports. For my own, and for others we have been praying for. Lot’s of reason to give God praise!

276. For so many babies that are due to arrive this summer or after! Lots of little friends for our newest member 🙂

277. For cool, breezy spring days that are perfect for playing outside as well as perfect for getting out the BBQ & patio furniture. (….don’t worry, I just watched!)

278. For small groups. Meeting new people, making new friendships- what could be better?!

279. For organized closets.

280. For all the fun that planning for a baby brings! So much excitement over the coming months!

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I Give Thanks…

Today I’d like to continue my thankfulness list with 10 reasons as to why I’m feeling oh so grateful for my hubby!!

261. Because he’s my very best friend.

262. Because he is the most wonderful Daddy to Ben & Sophie!!

263. Because he is already SO in love with baby number three!

264. Because he works all day to “bring home the bread” and then he works equally as hard all night to “keep house”.

265. Because he is a man who follows hard after Christ.

266. Because he so diligently cares for our family’s finances with wisdom and great aspiration for the future!

267. Because he dreams BIG and chases those dreams without hesitation!

268. Because he loves me with his whole heart.

269. Because he sincerely values my opinions and wholeheartedly supports MY big dreams.

270. Because he’s very quick to forgive when it’s “my” fault… and because he’s so willing to say sorry when it’s “his” 🙂

I love you so much Nathan! Thanks for choosing me as your wife and best friend! ❤


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Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King…

251. For the gift of salvation. No truer way of demonstrating love than the way that Jesus Christ laid his own life down for each one of us.

252. For a family that truly makes us feel so loved- especially during the holidays when missing home becomes overwhelming. Thank you Cousinueau family!

253. For movie nights at home with my hubby.

254. For declarations of faith through water baptism and for new memberships at church. What a wonderful easter sunday morning! So encouraging!

255. For BIG smiles on easter sunday morning as two cutie pies find baskets filled with chocolate and that one thing they were hoping for 🙂

256. For long distance plans…because I have no idea what I would do if I could not at least ‘hear’ my Mom and Dad’s voices….

257. For afternoon naps.

258. For sunny days- where the kids can play their hearts out in the backyard! They have so much fun!

259. For tiny sleepers, booties and hats! Looking forward to the next coming months when I can snuggle our new little bundle of joy!

260. For little nudges and kicks…gentle reminders that all is well with my baby!

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More thanks…

241. For sweet, sweet, peace.

242. For rainy days. If it weren’t for rainy days, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the sunny ones 🙂

243. For snuggles with my baby girl.

244. For chats with my big boy!

245. For a husband that cares so deeply. I admire him so much for all he does to care for our family.

246. For a week of meals supplied by various friends. We did not have to cook one single meal (except breakfast of course!)

247. For friends who like family, jump in to care for our children when needed! Ben & Sophie are blessed to know such wonderful people- as are we!

248. For skype! I haven’t seen my parents in many months. While that can be very hard at times, being able to seem them at least for a bit this way is a huge blessing!

249. For a new book- just released this week! And more waiting to be read as gifts from special friends!

250. For music…sometimes putting some music on is just what you need to reunite with your smile. 🙂

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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!

236. For the safe keeping of our little one.

237. For friends that have truly spoiled us with blessings!

238. For welcome home cuddles from my precious boy and sweet sweet girl!

239. For a tenderhearted puppy who camps outside of precious boy and sweet girls room while they are feeling sick.

240. For a hubby who has been so wonderful. My best friend, my support and never-ending supply of love.

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