Thankful, oh so thankul!!

03 Aug

It has been a long time since I continued on with my gratitude list! It’s about time I pick up where I left off….

281. A beautiful, warm, sunny and happy summer!

282. Family vacation!! Just 6 more days and we will start our journey east!!

283. Cake making fun!! I have been so busy with orders lately…I LOVE it!!!

284. Time with a friend who is visiting from away! Catching up, yummy cake, laughter and even a few tears!

285. A healthy,growing baby boy! He just melts my heart away. I seriously couldn’t be more proud of the joy that he is and has brought to our family!!!Image

286. My beautiful brown eyed, blond haired girl! Isn’t she something?! Her innocence and curiosity bless me every single day I have the priviledge of being her mother!!  Image

287. My blonde haired green eyed boy! Every day with him is a new adventure! An adventure I absoutely would not change for anything else in the whole wide world!  Image

288. Wisdom. I know whom I serve, and I will not sway from doing so. Nothing and no one will become a greater priority than God alone.

289. Laughter. It really IS good for the soul.

290. THIS beautiful family is MINE. Somedays I wonder what I ever did to deserve them….but I am so thankful every day that I can call them my own.Image

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